Service Dog Trainer School Program Details

If you’re interested in providing training to service dogs and assisting their coaches, then your right opportunity has arrived! Our Service Dog Trainer School Program will help you develop the essential abilities and skills to make sure that you select the right method to mingle and train service dogs for flexibility, hearing, and other psychological problems. In addition, the program focuses on the training of autism service dogs for children and adults on the autism spectrum. 

The rights and legislation that govern service dogs, trainers, and their handlers are also covered in our service dog trainer course. Do you want to know what it’s like to attend our Service Dog Trainer School Program? In our Service Dog Trainer School Program, students have infinite opportunities to work with assistance dogs in training in the community, in addition to the essential classroom training.

Service Dog Trainer School Subjects

Our program offers extensive practical training with a range of service dogs and provides students with a chance to work with service dog candidates during the entire process, from choice and testing to socialization and handler training, and delivers all the necessary tools that are required to be an active service dog trainer.


The importance of sustainability and positive socialization for both adult dogs and service dog puppies is also stressed upon in our Service Dog Trainer Course, which focuses on guiding students on how to perfect a range of abilities for service dogs that help with flexibility, stability, seizure, hearing, and autism. Our training skills are presented in such a way that they are simple to understand and implement in a range of service dog training scenarios. In addition, a variety of American techniques and procedures are used and implemented in WWK9 Academy’s Service Dog Sales and Training programs.


If you want to work as a service dog trainer, this program will provide you with all of the necessary information and expertise.

Expert Service Dog Trainer School Instructors

Our expert instructors at the Service Dog Trainer School have the capacity to provide our grads with vital knowledge that they won’t find anywhere else. This is accomplished by providing students with hands-on training and immediate feedback while they work with service dogs in real-world situations. At WWK9 Academy, the service dog section has been training skilled service dogs in the most professional and competent manner.


As a result, our students not only have the opportunity to learn how to train service dogs from specialists who are involved in the process on a daily basis, but also to engage themselves in this area of the industry.

Service Dog School for International Students

WWK9 Academy is executing various activities to host students from across the globe. Attending our Service Dog Trainer Course is a simple process, even for students traveling from outside the UAE. We offer airport pick-up and ground transportation and can even assist with any required travel documents and paperwork.


Students from our Service Dog Trainer Course have as many opportunities as possible to work side-by-side with our various instructors who have years of experience in not only choosing and training a variety of service dogs but also in delivering them and working to effectively train their handlers.

Service Dog Trainer School Topics

Our professional and experienced team will help you with chasing and pursuing various techniques for dog training services and practices. They will take you on an exciting tour and journey where you will encounter numerous canine training procedures and methods. A number of interesting and exciting matters and subjects await you and your dreams, which will further help you to develop your skills and abilities as a dog trainer in the most efficient, proficient, well-organized, and effective manner.

Our high-quality instructors are able to provide our trainers with appreciated knowledge that they simply cannot obtain anywhere else. This is accomplished by providing students with operational instructions as well as real-time feedback while working with service dogs in real-world settings. WWK9 makes sure that every trainer who joins our programs gets the best and most required training needed for each field and service. Get on board with WWK9 and enroll yourself in our thrilling programs that mainly focus on thought-provoking and remarkable topics like:

  • Introduction and Ethology
  • Language of Dogs
  • Applied Dog Behavior
  • Practical Application of Baiting and Luring Dogs
  • Proper Application of Training Tools
  • Behavior Problems
  • Mobility Dogs Overview
  • Autism Assistance Dogs, Signal Dogs (Hearing Assistance Dogs)
  • Understanding Your Role as a Service Dog Trainer
  • Kennel Management, Veterinary, and Canine Medical Issues
  • A Dogs’ Mind Reading and Understanding Canine Body Language and Stress Signals in Dogs
  • Explore Dog Specialties, Running a Boarding Kennel, and Managing Your Service Dog Business
  • Dog Breeds (Toys and Herding), Service Dogs in Public, How Dogs Learn
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