Police K9 Trainer School Program Details

Our most inclusive working dog program, the Police K9 Trainer / Instructor Program combines all aspects of both our Protection and Detection Trainer programs, and emphasizes tasks Police K9s and their partners are called to do. Our training facilities provide realistic scenarios for working K9s, trainers and handlers, so dogs and handlers graduate ready to get to work. This program is ideal for current and former Law Enforcement Personnel, K9 unit supervisors and handlers, military, as well as for civilians who are interested in training and handling K9s for this fascinating line of work.

WWK9 Academy is a market leader in police and military working dog sales and training. Students who complete our Police K9 Trainer Course will be prepared to be leaders in the police and military K9 industries. Our training will educate you on how to effectively work with a variety of canines. Our graduates have faith in their abilities and, more significantly, in their ability to coach K9 teams.

Police K9 Trainer Course Subjects

Our Police K9 Trainer course focuses on teaching basic police patrol dog tactics to ensure that the police dog has trustworthy behaviors for the rest of his or her life. Our program teaches you how to use operant conditioning and successive approximations to teach police patrol dogs behaviors like “out” and “recall,” as well as solid obedience. As a student in this program, you will have the opportunity to participate in ongoing initiatives as well as assist and provide assistance based on an earlier study.


At WWK9 Academy, we are constantly active in military and working dog research and development projects, and this knowledge and materials allow us to improve new training methods.


Our programs educate students on how to build effective police K9 training programs that simulate real-world field activities and test police canines and their handlers, resulting in successful K9 teams.

Why Our Police K9 Trainer Course is Popular

Our Police K9 Trainer Course is an advanced and significant program that is popular among trainers as it provides them with the knowledge they need, educated by experts with appropriate, suitable, and effective experience.

Police K9 Trainer Course Topics

Our qualified and proficient group of professionals will assist you with various dog training skills and services. They will take you on an exciting visit and expedition where you will be exposed to a variety of canine training procedures and methods. A variety of interesting and exciting matters and subjects await you and your dreams, all of which will help you develop your skills and abilities as a dog trainer in the most efficient, proficient, well-organized, and effective manner.

Our world-class instructors can provide our trainers with valued knowledge that they simply cannot get anywhere else. This is accomplished by giving students effective instruction as well as real-time feedback while working with service dogs in realistic locations. WWK9 ensures that every trainer who joins one of our programs receives the best and most up-to-date training for each field and service. Join WWK9 and enroll in our exciting programs that primarily focus on challenging and significant topics such as:

  • Marketing Your Dog Training Business
  • Advertising Strategies for Dog Trainers
  • Website Planning and Design
  • Language of Dogs
  • Explore dog specialties
  • A Selection of Police Canine Prospects
  • A Proper Application of Training Tools
  • Practical Socialization
  • Testing Dogs
  • Conducting Effective K9 Demonstrations
  • Tactical Tracking
  • Teaching Criminal Apprehension with Gunfire
  • Teaching the Passive Bite
  • A Dogs’ Mind
  • Swat K9 Concepts and Integration
  • K9 Unit Supervision and Management
  • Certification Issues and Requirements
  • The Role of Scenario-Based Certifications
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